How to get to Kiesby

We are right at a crossroads, which allows you to arrive from all directions. We have parking space for various means of transport. Here are our recommendations for the most common. Find out more about how to find your way to Kiesby by car or public transport.

Our address

Möhlenstraat 7
24392 Boren OT Kiesby

Karte der Schlei-Region mit Marker am Standort des CoWorking Schlei in Kiesby im Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg - © OpenStreetMap Mitwirkende
© OpenStreetMap contributors 

Arriving by car

To get up-to-date route guidance, we recommend using sat navs or map apps. Here are links to the CoWorking as a destination in common online maps:

» On Google Maps
» On Apple Maps
» On OpenStreetMap

Via A7 & B201

Whether coming from Hamburg or Flensburg, we recommend taking the A7 to exit no. 5 “Schleswig/Schuby” and then changing onto the B201 in the direction of Süderbrarup/Kappeln.

In Süderbrarup cross the railway crossing and turn right at the “Classic” petrol station towards “Lindaunis”.

Now just 3 minutes. Follow the road and after a few sweeping curves you will reach Kiesby. Past the first houses. Between the fields and the “big intersection” on the left is the CoWorking Schlei.

The parking lot is on the left between the large hedge and the long house at the intersection. Find a free spot on the gravel area.

Every Saturday

Especially during the summer holidays, there is always a lot of traffic on the A7 on Saturdays. Saturdays are a collective bed change in Denmark and everyone drives on the A7. Taking country roads is not always much quicker. Alternative routes via Eckernförde are particularly problematic, as this is a bottleneck in itself.

The Lindaunis Bridge

The bascule bridge in Lindaunis is a popular crossing. However, until the new building is completed (approx. 2027), it is only possible on foot.

We recommend that you avoid it when arriving to avoid annoying traffic jams or short-term closures. The bridge in Kappeln is not far by planning ahead.

Arrival by train & NahShuttle

You can travel to Süderbrarup with the German railway. The regional train runs every hour between Flensburg and Kiel. You can change from various long-distance trains at both end points.

Due to the special situation with the new bridge construction in Lindaunis, the train from Kiel goes to the “Schleibrücke Süd (Rieseby)” stop, from where the bridge is crossed on foot and another train continues. The route from the bridge and the station in Süderbrarup are almost the same length. The NahShuttle can also start from the bridge.

In our region there is the smart shuttle service. This can be requested via app or telephone for immediate use or at a desired time.

You can specify the train station in Süderbrarup as the starting point and “CoWorking Schlei” as the destination. Order the shuttle to match the arrival time of the train, then you and your luggage will arrive comfortably right at our front door.

There is also an irregular bus service from the train station in Süderbrarup to our door. The name of the stop is “Kiesby Kreuzung, Boren”.