Productive Workation in the countryside

One step outside the door and nature is there.

A relaxed place in the country side to calm down and be productive.
Share life in a beautiful environment with other remote working people.

Workation made by digital nomad for nomads and independent minds.

🚀 Fast Internet
🛏 Simple Booking

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Relaxed daily life

With distance from the familiar environment and in nature, the world turns slower.

Community of like-minded

A place for people with exciting idea, stories and longing for nature.

Get to know new things

Whether it’s unfamiliar dishes at a shared meal or unexpected insights into the work of others.


Away from the big city at night the stars are clearly visible

Rooms with private bathroom

Your room offers the opportunity to retreat and the private bathroom a relaxing morning.

Starting point for excursions

In all directions of the sky there are sports and attractions to discover.

Fast & reliable internet

The fast (100/30 Mbps) Internet ensures smooth work and communication.

Northern honest

A family business with real people and direct access.

Accommodation & CoWorking in one place with one booking.
Choose your accommodation and book it quickly and easily online.

Workation made easy

Our space is made for digital nomads by a nomad and run by a family team. All apartments are made for sleeping well and the ability to retreat from the community if you want.

CoWorking made easy

The CoWorking space has three small rooms to focus on your work. All desks are sit-standing desks so you can adjust it to your favorite height. Also the seating is your pick.

Your space

We offer different accommodations pick yours.

The Mini-Apartment

Got a bed.
Search place of work?

For all those who already live in the beautiful Schlei region or are spontaneously looking for a professional place to work, we also offer the possibility to use our CoWorking offer.